Where to Work?

So you’ve decided nursing is your field of choice, but what field within nursing fits you best? There are many paths you could choose from. Let’s say you graduate and get your RN license, you can go back without any experience and become a nurse practitioner, this isn’t highly recommended because you have no experience, but it is possible. You can get a license in teaching and start teaching future nursing students how to become nurses. You can work in a hospital, start your own practice, or work in an office. It’s all up to you, and that’s the greatest thing about nursing.

Now if you don’t want to continue your education that’s okay too. You can become certified in many different fields of nursing its unbelievable. You can become certified in the emergency department, in IV care, wound care, burns, trauma, chemotherapy and so many more.  Each certification takes time and costs money, but it’s worth it because if you know how to do all these different skills in nursing you can go anywhere you want and be able to find employment.

In nursing school you will have clinical and there you will go to certain departments and follow CNAs and RNs around and learn the skills for that department. Clinical will help you learn which departments you love and which ones are definitely not for you. If you don’t like any of the departments you go to, preceptorship is a program where you can choose three fields you enjoy that your school offers and can go to one of the three departments and follow around a nurse for about a month.

For example, say you like the ER, ICU, and maternity. You rank them on which one you most prefer to which one you least prefer and the nursing department will choose one of them and place you in it for a month or so and you get to follow a nurses schedule for that month. There are no classes and most of your finals are over. There are certain exceptions to the departments you can go to. For example, since preceptorship at my university is fall senior year and we learn maternity and pediatrics spring senior year, these departments are not offered to us. However; the emergency department and a few other departments that we do not get to go to in clinical are offered to us.

So to help you fellow nursing students find out which specialties you want or don’t want I will post links below to help you find out what specialities are out there. Now you may enter nursing school with a field in mind and that’s great, but keep your options open, you never know where you’ll end up with nursing.






Travel Nursing


Ever want to get paid to travel to different places in the United States? With travel nursing agencies you can! With companies such as Aya and Trinity you can travel to any place offered in the United States for at least three months. You can stay longer if you wish, all you need to do is extend the contract. Now you need at least one year experience in a certain field such as maternity, pediatrics, ICU, PACU, or ER. These are just a few examples, all the jobs you can do as a travel nurse are listed here. When deciding where you want to go check to see if the state you are going to go to is a compact or non-compact state. The reason you need to find out if the state is compact or non-compact is because it depends if there are fees or applications you need to fill out. If there are I would suggest applying for them in advance, so that by the time you start everything is all set. You can apply to go abroad as well, however the license takes a little longer to achieve, approximately six months to one year.

Once you select a place, see if the agency you want has any spots available in that state. Also, make sure to check whether or not you would like to find housing when you move, or be provided housing, some agencies will help you find housing and give you a monthly stipend to help pay for food and other expenses, but others have you find housing by yourself. Make sue to look into the agency you want before applying to make sure it’s a good fit. For example, if you decide to go to a state near your home, you won’t need housing, you could take the money the agency gives you for housing and stay at home while working in a different state. Yes it may be a longer drive, but it will be worth it because you will save money.

Travel nursing is a great deal for nurses just coming out of school, they get to explore the world while getting paid to do a job they love. There are many travel companies and many hospitals allow nurses to travel while remaining with their hospital. Travel nursing is also a great way for hospitals to fill nursing shortages. Just remember the only “catch” with travel nursing is you need AT LEAST one year experience before applying to an agency, but there is no reason you can’t start looking now!